The New Springbok Jersey Poses A Problem for the South African Faithful

Posted: June 10, 2015 in Uncategorized

The newest South Africa jersey offers a problem for the fans that Asics didn’t quite take into account.
The new jersey offers the Rugby World Cup 2015 emblem on the right breast, the Protea emblem in the left breast, with the Asics emblem in the middle. While other countries’ fans may like the new effort (below) the South African fans are outraged.


The Springbok emblem, the reason behind the Springbok nickname, is now on the sleeve.

Traditionally, the Springbok was where the Protea emblem is now located, as the team and fans could press it against their hearts as they sang their anthem Nkosi Sikelel’ Afrika. Although the anthem changed when apartheid ended, the emblem that epitomised the sporting history of the country was kept. It appears that has now changed.


There is now a petition being formed by South Africans fans to change the arrangement of the emblems, and even a push being made for fans to wear old jerseys and boycott the new.

Do you think the emblem arrangement should pose a problem?


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