Young Laughs Off Tuilagi Bid

Posted: November 27, 2015 in Uncategorized

With Manu Tuilagi in the limelight in regards his contract negotiations, Dai Young has dismissed any reports of a Wasps’ offer.

“I don’t know where these things come from. Manu’s an international and if he was leaving Leicester yes, we’d be interested in him, the same as we’d be interested in any other top-line international.

“Are we out there making offers in excess of 500 grand? Absolutely not. It’s rubbish. If he was available and leaving Leicester of course we’d be interested in him and probably every other Premiership club would be.

“So it would be silly for me to say we don’t rate him, but are we in for him? No we’re not. Have we made an offer for him? No we haven’t.”

The club have recently moved to a new base in Coventry, which has helped them gain financial security. Because of this, Young believes they are going to be in the headlines more often in regards big-money transfer speculation.

“We are going to be linked with everybody now, that’s the issue, and I read somewhere that we are in the hunt for Manu and we’ve offered well over £500,000 for him. It’s a complete, utter load of rubbish.”

Looks like one offer is off the table for Manu.


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