Tour Diary: Kingsley McGowan (Part 3)

Posted: January 18, 2016 in Uncategorized

Kingsley McGowan is a member of the current USA Men's 7's team that is touring south America at the moment. He is based in Dublin, Ireland, playing rugby with Trinity College, Dublin

11th-15th January, 2016

Finished up the tournament Sunday night, immediately went for food on the beach in Argentina, steak meal and a five hour bus ride to Buenos Aires to the airport. We got there about 4.45am, with the flight not leaving until 11am, so there was a lot of waiting around with the guys. It was good for team morale.

We got the plane then to Santiago, Chile, and arrived in about 2pm Monday afternoon. Two hour bus ride to the coast, and it’s beautiful out here. Light stretch in the pool to recover from the travel day and back to it Tuesday.

We had a gym session Tuesday to flush the body out and good to get moving again. We then came together and had a meeting to discuss our expectations and discuss what went wrong in previous games. We talked about our execution and our game play for this week.

We worked on our film analysis, seeing where we could improve and seeing our weaknesses, which is the best way to improve. That night we had dinner at the high school we’re training at, and apparently this weekend there’s going to be 16,000 fans there, so that’s going to be interesting!

Wednesday mornings training session was all fundamentals: positioning, passing, attack, defense. The coolest thing was having a press conference with the captains, so it was me and two of the guys and that was a good experience. It was a bit overwhelming at time as it was a lot of Spanish to digest!

Another tough training session then, lots of running, lots of hard work, working on our defensive set-up and breakdown. At this point it’s all about cleaning up our play for this week, especially in terms of execution which is what we didn’t do at all last week. I mean, you either win or you learn, and if we learn and push to improve we haven’t failed. We’ve really taken that to heart this week and tried to push to improve.

Yesterday’s sessions were gym and pitch sessions again and focused all on positioning and pushed to be better and worked on where to be when X, Y or Z happens. But today we’ve only got the one training session before the skits tonight, which which will be a good chance to show the Eagles are not only talented on the field but off it as well!  


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