Rivalry and Respect

My earliest memories of rugby are sitting in the old Thomond Park. I wouldn't be in the stand; I'd be on the pitch with my back to the old cement wall that acted as a partition, tipping sherbet straws into my mouth while watching games. I remember my best friend's dad would bring us, and … Continue reading Rivalry and Respect


Champions Cup: En Route to Perfection 

"To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often".  This phrase encapsulates a mantra all teams live by. Just like Tiger Woods changing his swing when he was World Number 1, a team at their peak must change their game in order to stay on top.  The Heineken Cup ended three seasons … Continue reading Champions Cup: En Route to Perfection 

Pain Is Temporary, Or So We’re Told

"Pain is temporary". A phrase a lot of young people are told when they first start playing rugby. It's one of those old clichés, up there with "the bigger they are, the harder they fall". A lie, in other words. The bigger they are, the more painful they are to tackle. Nor is pain temporary. … Continue reading Pain Is Temporary, Or So We’re Told

Rugby Reads

With some autobiographies being a complete waste of time, The Loose Head took the time to bring you our favourite rugby reads. It’s In The Blood: My Life (Lawrence Dallaglio) The ex-England player and captain writes openly and candidly about everything in his life, from the tragedy of his sister’s death to winning the World … Continue reading Rugby Reads

The Fall and Challenges of Les Bleus

On the 23rd October, 2011, a little over 61,000 people travelled to Eden Park to watch the world cup final between France and the hosts, New Zealand. France's tournament had been marred by rumours that Marc Lièvremont had lost the dressing room. The year previous, Lièvremont coached France to a grand slam in the 2010 … Continue reading The Fall and Challenges of Les Bleus