Coaching Like The Best

In Dunedin, June 19th, 2010, New Zealand played against Wales. The All Black players and coaches went through their pre-game rituals: walks, naps, conversations, visualisations. They received their jerseys, and thought about what it meant to them. One word comes to mind: everything. Kick-off time finally arrived. They absolutely hammer them. Dan Carter scores 27 … Continue reading Coaching Like The Best


What Did We Learn?

Looking back at New Zealand v Wales, Australia v England, and South Africa v Ireland, The Loose Head takes a quick look at what we learned: 1. Wales can turn it on when they want. When the Welsh boys kept ball in hand, the All Blacks found it hard to live with them for an … Continue reading What Did We Learn?

Pain Is Temporary, Or So We’re Told

"Pain is temporary". A phrase a lot of young people are told when they first start playing rugby. It's one of those old clichés, up there with "the bigger they are, the harder they fall". A lie, in other words. The bigger they are, the more painful they are to tackle. Nor is pain temporary. … Continue reading Pain Is Temporary, Or So We’re Told

Hansen appoints new All Blacks captain

With New Zealand captain McCaw retiring at the end of the last RWC, it left a void in terms of who would lead the team the following season. Hansen has put all speculation to bed, stating that Kieran Read will now lead the All Blacks from the number 8 position. "Reado's had experience already as … Continue reading Hansen appoints new All Blacks captain

Rugby Reads

With some autobiographies being a complete waste of time, The Loose Head took the time to bring you our favourite rugby reads. It’s In The Blood: My Life (Lawrence Dallaglio) The ex-England player and captain writes openly and candidly about everything in his life, from the tragedy of his sister’s death to winning the World … Continue reading Rugby Reads

How fair is the 2015 Rugby World Cup?

This year's world cup was said to have been organised in order to make it the fairest tournament yet. Tier 1 and Tier 2 teams were said to have the same turnaround in terms of days between games and everyone seemed pretty pleased by it. But is it completely fair? The average turnaround for the … Continue reading How fair is the 2015 Rugby World Cup?